June 2013 — Present, Lead Designer

Founded in 2010, Billetto is one of the most visited online ticket providers in Europe, selling tickets for, among others, Red Cross, Brøndby IF, and Soho House.

During my time at the Danish office I designed and helped implement the first mobile optimised version of Billetto. The project launched after just two weeks, and was extremely well received, both by our users and internally.

Later I participated in a variety of projects, including a native iOS app, various community features, and a friend-based recommendation feed.

Alongside new features, we also prioritised overall visual streamlining and code cleanup which resulted in a internal living style-guide. The guide is always expanding, and now used widely by everyone from Engineering to Sales.

As a result, I was one of a small group chosen for transferral to the UK shortly after Billetto expanded overseas.

Soon after moving I led the redesign of our event creation process and event pages. After the redesigns our conversion rate went up with >60% for events created and the “Get tickets” button gets a tap >18% more often.

The more Billetto grew it became clear that we needed a new identity that would make Billetto feel more clear and welcoming. I drew a custom logotype and complimentary glyph.

More images coming soon.

Billetto logo